Why choose Egnaro?

Why Choose Egnaro Rings?

Chances are, there’s no piece of jewelry you’ll wear more than your wedding ring or engagement ring. It becomes a daily part of your wardrobe, and when that’s the case, you want that ring to be as perfect as it can be.

This is why there is a growing trend toward silicone wedding rings for men and women. Whether you’re shopping for something long-term like a wedding ring, a fun fashion accessory, or even a temporary replacement for your expensive rings, Egnaro rings have all the advantages you could want.



Metal wedding rings may look flashy, but they aren’t the most comfortable things in the world. They’re rigid. They can scrape or get caught on items you interact with. And for some people, they may irritate the skin.

Egnaro silicone rings put an end to these problems, especially when you’re working with your hands and want to avoid damaging your metal rings. The flexible silicone is comfortable, moving with your finger wherever it goes. The material is also medical-grade silicone, so it’s made to be non-irritative to all skin types.


Ergonomic Design

Designing a ring involves far more than simple aesthetics. At least, it does when you want to make that ring as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Our Egnaro designers use specialized ergonomic design strategies to make the rings fit your finger in a healthy way. We consider everything from the angle of the curve to the ability to let water and sweat wash away instead of trapping it on your skin.



As comfortable as you want your ring to be, you don’t want to sacrifice style at the same time. With Egnaro rings, you don’t have to.

We offer a wide range of style options so you can choose the look that fits your personality. We also create rings with a variety of color options, all inspired by the beauty of nature. These rings strike a unique balance between classic and trendy.



Safety is a critical consideration for many people who want to wear rings every day. In certain occupations with a high risk of injury. 

Constant movement of the hands creates friction, plus it increases the risk that the ring may get caught on a machine or tool. Or worse, when working, the ring may slip off the finger and fall into a machine or other dangerous place that makes it impossible to retrieve or poses a safety risk to others.

In addition,most gym bodybuilders, and outdoor adventurers ,particular industry practitioner,workers feel uncomfortable when wearing metal rings because of metal clash sound and taut feeling,  meanwhile they at serious risks if they get injured or if their hand swells too much after a longtime metal wearing. 

Silicone rings are far safer. Not only are the rings more flexible and reduce the risk of blocked circulation, but they’re easier to cut off too if an emergency occurs.This is also a protector when touch other stiff object like rock,never worry about finger secondary injury cause by metal rings.


Choosing Egnaro Rings for Life

Egnaro rings are more than fashion statements or symbols of commitment. They offer all those advantages while also being safer and more comfortable. To find your own ring, check out our online silicone ring shop today.