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Egnaro's Story

Stylish. Comfortable. Made to Last.


At Egnaro, we believe that rings aren’t just a jewelry box staple, but rather a testament to a special moment (and a special person) in your life. That said, most of us tend to wear our most precious rings in everything we do, even when it might not be practical to do so.


That’s why Egnaro silicone wedding rings were born.

In 2015, our founder Freud, a man who loves football, cycling, fitness, and outdoor adventures, lost his precious wedding ring after a long cross-coastline trip. He decided on the spot that his next project would be to design a replacement wedding ring you can wear anywhere, anytime, and leave your most valuable rings in a safe place.

Our Egnaro rings are made of durable silicone that will resist scratches, feel comfortable, and stay on your finger no matter what you’re doing. This gives the wearer an alternative to wearing their expensive, traditional rings when exercising, swimming, or doing other activities that could scratch the ring or cause you to lose it altogether.

Now, Freud is a father of two who is enjoying bringing happiness and security to others through Egnaro rings.

As a company upholding Freud’s original vision, we believe that all rings should offer comfort, style, and brisk and worth to wear.

That’s why our Egnaro rings are made of pure medical grade silicone. They’re comfortable, smooth, and safe even for sensitive skin. Especially,we research&design the inner arc ring, features an ergonomic design, curved at a 33.8° inner arc  that won’t fully touch the skin but keeps the ring stable and avoids trapping water and sweat between your skin and the ring. Or in other words — no ring marks!

Come experience the difference and see how Egnaro rings give you the comfort of a ring and the peace of mind in protecting your most valuable pieces.