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Egnaro Silicone Wedding Ring for Women Breathable Ergonomic

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  • Breathable silicone rings-Adopting ergonomic design concept, the inside of slicone ring is arcuate. Internal diamond pattern design prevent moisture trapping. Don't worry to get a ring mark even wearing for a long time.
  • Perfect size, we have increased the choice . You could choose the size according to the recommended size chart. If you got a wrong size, contact us and we’ll send you another for free.
  • Pure medical grade silicone. silicone rings comfortable, smooth, non-conductive and definitely safe even for sensitive skin,not to be damaged from heavy work or strenuous exercise like electrical work , swimming, weight lifting ,etc.
  • Multi color -Stylish rings in different colors. We’re confident that you will love them! You can choose which one you want to wear everyday.
  • 100% COMMITMENT -If you’re not satisfied with our rings, you can contact us for full money-back refund within 30 days